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We offer a high level of personal dedication to industry professionals and make sure to see your projects through to the very end for guaranteed success. Your Hakwood associate is on hand to work with you no matter where you are in the world.

Quick-ship flooring samples

Please contact your representative to discuss your individual needs, choose sample size, colour and texture that suits your presentation.

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Design freedom

Tell us what you envision & together we will craft a unique bespoke flooring solution for your next project. With our flooring and your inspiration, the possibilities are endless.

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3D Textured flooring
Glaze (Colour Collection) 180mm, rustic A
Intimate (Colour Collection) 180mm, rustic
Laren (Dutch Scrape Collection) 180mm, classical
Promise (Authentic Collection) 180mm, classical
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Spec sheets
Harmony (Colour Collection)
Laren (Dutch Scrape Collection)
Montguyon (Old World Collection)
Savoy (Sierra Collection)
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Reference projects

Each project has its own story. Explore the photos and get to know some of the professionals who work with Hakwood.

Residential Casa Fio Undisclosed, Brazil
Residential Ancient Ceders Residence Whistler BC, Canada
Residential Alpenrose Chalet Ramsau, Austria
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