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Leading climate label for lacquered Duoplank

15 Mai 2013

The Hakwood Lacquered Duoplank products have been awarded one of the leading indoor climate labels in Scandinavia. We’re proud to receive this recognition for our continuous effort to reduce emissions and contribute towards a healthy interior climate.

The Finnish Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (FiSIAQ) awarded Hakwood Duoplank Lacquered pigmented and Duoplank Lacquered natural the M1 VOC label. This is the top ranking label in the FiSIAQ line-up for construction products. We’re very proud of this prestigious addition to our awarded quality labels.
Comprehensively tested

Testing for the Scandinavian quality label includes an emission test for ammonia, formaldehyde, and carcinogenics. Products are tested comprehensively for 28 days before the label is awarded.

The FiSIAQ label acknowledges our dedication to producing responsibly.