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A family business built on passion

06 September 2016

Driven by passion
In 1903, the entrepreneurial Hak family established their first business. After decades in the softwood business, the move was made into hardwood and hardwood flooring in 1979. When Mark and Robert Hak combined their passion for wood flooring with Hakwood’s established engineering skills, the Hakwood Company, as we know it today, was developed.

“We combine a passion for wood flooring with technical expertise.” – Mark Hak

The Duoplank was born
Hakwood saw the need for quality engineered flooring in the large format of traditional Dutch planks. To meet this demand, they created Duoplank®. Hakwood’s wood engineering strength was applied to create wide width, long length engineered flooring. A stable and beautiful product, Duoplank can also be installed in places and under conditions where solid flooring is not an option, while retaining the feel of solid flooring underfoot.

“We won’t settle for less than top quality.”- Robert Hak

Top quality custom made flooring
The technical quality of Hakwood flooring has always been at the forefront. Innovative machines, techniques and creativity from our design and production department enable us to continuously advance our products.

“We have the skills, the machines and the top quality product, so we welcome the opportunity to work with creative professionals to produce the perfect flooring to fit their design intent.” – Edwin Hak, product design and development.

New ‘great flooring stories’ each day
Top designers and architects in more than sixty countries worldwide are using our flooring for their projects. You will find Hakwood floors in cocktail bars, five star hotels, luxurious shops and high-end homes. From New York to Tokyo, and from Reykjavik to Cape Town. In this way, we and creative professionals worldwide continue to create new ‘great flooring stories’ every day.