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Antique wood lives on

07 July 2017

Hakwood added authentic antique products to the collection for one simple reason: this wood deserves a second life. The wood that we use was once part of a European barn or shed. Beams that stood tall and proud for generations, surviving sultry summers and harsh winters. When the usefulness of the building has slowly faded away, the wood beams are far from their end. Mark Hak: ”We searched all of Europe and found the heartiest antique beams. Salvaged wood that is strong inside and beautifully weathered on the outside.”

Touched by time
The wood has attractively aged by time, weather and elements. Scars from metal used in construction and the effects of light and moisture have added natural character to the wood. Time itself has deepened and darkened its colour. And through it all, the wood remains resilient and strong.

Towards a new life
We respect the centuries of history each plank represents by not rushing its path to a new life. We take our time, we nurture. Slowly getting it ready for a second life in your project. Ready to absorb thousands of footsteps, while maintaining its strength and unique beauty for future generations.

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