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Chevron- a new pattern option by Hakwood!

11 May 2016

Hakwood now offers tailor-made chevron patterned flooring upon request. The repeated V-shaped pattern, which varies slightly from herringbone, is composed of equal sized pieces of wood, cut on an angle, and meet along a perfectly straight axis.

Chevron is one of the original parquet (geometrically patterned) flooring options with a rich history in art and design.

From Celtic tweeds and 16th century embroidered stitching, to ancient Egyptian textiles, or North American Indian basket weaving, this zigzag pattern appears throughout history and around the globe. In flooring, the style was revived in 19th-century Parisian apartments, when much of the city was being rebuilt. With the Art Deco movement of the recent past bringing the symmetrical style to the forefront again, designers are adding the patterned flooring for its old world feel to compliment even the most modern spaces.

If have interest or questions regarding chevron flooring options, please contact Hakwood today- sales@hakwood.com.