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Clerkenwell Design Week: the doors are open!

23 May 2018

Today, Clerkenwell Design Week starts. You can visit ‘Behind Closed Doors’, the collaboration between Hakwood and Shape London, at the entrance to Spa Fields. The 3.2 m high installation is a miniature street-scape that draws inspiration from the Dutch home of Hakwood as well as Shapes’ South East London Design Studio.

Seven miniature interiors

The decorative houses are clad with Hakwood Wall Tiles where each house has its own unique pattern sharing the same colour pallet. The houses include small doors revealing a series of miniature interiors designed by various architects from Shape’s Dragon Fly Place Collective demonstrating that any interior, any décor is an open door for creative inspiration. In total, there are seven miniature interiors with tiny Hakwood floors. The room designs are by:

Fraher Architects
Gruff Limited
Stolon Studio Ltd
Green Tea Architects
Studio BAM!
Selencky /// Parsons Architects
Grey Griffiths Architects

The hidden rooms are placed at various heights to invite visitors to explore the installation and ‘discover’ all the treasures within. Visit us at Clerkenwell and open some doors, and follow our updates on social media (Facebook, Instagram).