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Complete Hakwood collection by Kelly Hoppen

21 February 2020

The Hakwood collection by Kelly Hoppen, the multi-award winning British designer, is now complete. Three tile designs with metal accents are added to the collection of innovative and dynamic tiles. The inlays of gold and silver are contrasted with wood in deeper tones of black and grey or lighter hues of white and cream. True to Kelly Hoppen’s ethos of balance and contrast.

Statement Living

The collection features subtle geometric patterns which are able to create incredible volume and room within a space. The tiles come in four colourways and can be laid or hung in different ways. The six designs allow architects and designers to combine textures, colours, shapes and pattern and achieve a unique signature statement. Kelly Hoppen: “The tiles have an immediate wow factor that will give a great impression and make your building memorable.”

The three new tile designs

Line: The Line tile sits in the collection as the perfect foundation for any interior, whether it be on the walls or floors. Featuring linear metal dashes set upon neutral, colour washed wood, the minimalist Line tile plays with depth and texture, and perfectly embodies Kelly Hoppen’s signature aesthetic of simplicity, balance, and style.

Cube: The Cube tile offers a truly understated elegance. Bold yet accessible, the Cube subtly combines natural and industrial tones with 4 metal corner cubes set against a backdrop of the finest wood, all of which can be interchanged.

Signature: The Signature tile honours the brand dedication to detail, authenticity and originality. The striking, art deco inspired style of the Signature tile plays with illusion, structure and shadow, designed to make an impact and create a beautifully dramatic statement floor or wall.

Be creative

On our Kelly Hoppen page, you can see all the designs and make your own statement. Have a look and be creative!