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Event report: HakFolly grabs the attention during Clerkenwell Design Week

01 June 2016

Creativity took over the Clerkenwell neighbourhood last week in central London. Three days of lovely weather, exhibitions, inspiring showrooms, talks and exciting installations combined to make Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 a great success.

Hakwood was the proud sponsor of a striking installation: HakFolly, designed and built by FleaFollyArchitects as a reference to the monastic past of London’s St. Johns gate. After a visit to the Hakwood factory, FleaFolly was inspired by the quantity and repetition of stacked wood in and around the factory. They turned this visual into a surprisingly sophisticated installation design of stacked timber that received massive of attention during this year’s CDW event.

Hakwood further encouraged the stacking concept with a social media photo contest where people could make a stack of anything and post it online with #stackfolly. At the end of the week, we picked the most creative photo to award a custom Pink European oak Hakwood bike. Our lucky winner; Miles Gillman, said ‘it is the wood that inspired me, as a natural cycle of things’.

Special thanks to Thomas and Pascal from FleaFollyArchitects, the people who visited and engaged with the HakFolly installation, and all the participants to our social media contest. See you soon!