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Hakwood European ash: the next chapter in wood flooring

18 July 2018

Hakwood is expanding options by introducing new wood species. European ash joins our extensive collection of European oak. Often sourced from the same forests, European oak and ash trees grow side-by-side. Their roots in the same soil, their tree tops soaking up the same sunlight. The hardwood from these trees is similar in many ways, yet markedly different in others.

Clean or bold

Ash, a strong and robust premium wood, is characterized by its blonde base tone. The calm golden light hue comes from the sapwood of the tree. When mixed with the heartwood of the ash, bold brown tones make their way throughout the sawn planks. This distinct combination of sapwood and heartwood is clearly evident in the Premier 1-bis Dark and Rustic Dark grades. The more pristine grade, Prime Light, provides the subdued, clean look from the sapwood.

Exploring possibilities

As our lab explored possibilities in colours and textures, they discovered beautiful, calm whites on the Prime Light grade. On the bolder base grades the colours achieved are more lively and energetic in structure. That’s the great surprise of ash: it can be either very calm or very lively, the opposites are big and bold.

Seven colours

We are just starting to unlock the possibilities of ash. In our Ash Collection we now offer seven colours. All wide width and long length Duoplank, as you have come to expect from Hakwood. Take a look at our new colours on ash in our product selector.