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Hakwood Open House

09 December 2016

In the Hakwood Studio we close the year with an Open House to show our new and exciting product range for 2017. Next to the introduction of new colours, as well as a sneak peek of the new Reclaimed Antique oak, a completely new product category -Wall Tiles- was introduced. Visitors walked in throughout the day to explore the new products while enjoying drinks and canapés. More Studio events are in the plans for 2017 and you are invited.

The possibilities are endless
Let’s zoom in on the new product category here. Hakwood wall tiles are decorative wood tiles for vertical surfaces. You can choose a design, select an exciting colour palette and make your vertical design statement by creating your own unique pattern. Push boundaries even farther by developing a bespoke design. During the Open House, the reaction to the wall tiles was very positive and we look forward to seeing the first project installation for this new product.