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Hakwood sponsors design project at Bath Spa University

25 October 2016

The five tonnes of birch plywood Hakwood provided for Clerkenwell Design Week’s HakFolly installation received a special destination. We donated the wood to the Bath Spa University for a project where students designed, created and installed a one-off interactive public installation. Under the inspiring leadership of London-based design practice Studio Simon Jones the combination of 5 tons material + 20 students + 5 days gave an surprising result, as was seen during the well visited 24-hour public exhibition.

Under the name Haktion Factory, the challenge commenced on 17 October. 20 Three Dimensional Design students created a temporary structure with which the local public can interact and engage. The students explored the form, structure, material and process of design development and construction. With a nod to the HakFolly where in the wood was only stacked, in this construction as an additional challenge the use of mechanical fasteners is minimized. Meiyi Song, one of the students, reflects: “I have learned a lot about making wood joints, and the challenges of designing with a large group of people and making decisions together.”

Providing quality materials for creatives to use in their design is what Hakwood does. Repurposing FleafollyArchitect's epic Clerkenwell installation for the benefit of a student project, made this a very unique event for us.