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Hakwood’s 2000th colour

30 March 2018

We are in a mood to celebrate: we just made our 2000th colour. Not only our collection items, but also all our bespoke colours get a development number. Our lab experts make the impressive number of 30 new colours every month. Whether it is a colour slightly different from a standard product or a colour that matches an item in the project’s interior design, our goal is to fulfil the customer’s wish.

Different wood species

The 2000th colour is special in many ways. It is a bespoke colour AND a specially requested wood specie, European ash. Amongst Hakwood’s 2,000 unique colours, you can find more wood species. Our experienced extends to afzelia, American walnut, and merbau, to name a few. The options are unlimited when you combine the natural beauty of each different wood specie with our design & manufacturing experience.