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In the Studio… Experience Dutch design with all your senses

11 October 2018

See, touch, smell, hear and taste. Our next In the Studio… event in our Kitzbühel showroom is all about design and the senses. During an interactive presentation by Jeroen Junte, you will learn about the importance of these experiences. Jeroen, a journalist/ writer/ moderator with a focus on design and architecture, has stimulating cases to share.

“Design and architecture is very physical. You see it. You touch it. A direct experience. But what about the more subconscious senses? Smell, sound and taste… I like to show the importance of the full experience.”

- Jeroen Junte

Join us in our Kitzbühel showroom on Thursday, November 8. Please send an email to invite@hakwood.com by October 31 to reserve your place.