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Launching a brand new product category: Hakwood Wall Tiles

18 September 2016

Today we proudly present our wall tiles - a new and innovative collection of wood wall tiles with unlimited creative possibilities. Hakwood wall tiles take the use of wood on a vertical surface to an elevated and exciting level. We are pleased to show our wall tiles for the first time internationally at London’s premier design show.

With the launch of our new wall tiles, Hakwood presents an entirely new product category - a collection of wood wall tiles for use on vertical surfaces. You can design your own pattern landscape and make a vertical design statement utilizing Hakwood’s broad range of colors and textures. experience a whole new side of Hakwood for vertical surfaces!

At our stand you will find examples of the endless possibilities offered by our wall tiles. You can also create your own pattern on the spot. Or take a seat under our Hakwood design tree and ask us all your questions. See you at our Hakwood stand E479.