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Launching new Wall Tile designs

01 November 2017

We are excited to launch three new Wall Tile designs in our continued drive to go vertical. Adding curves and right angles, these new designs are a welcome addition to our collection of Wall Tiles. The continuity between all the designs is their simplicity.

Impactful simplicity

Hakwood’s technical draftsman Adriaan Hoogendoorn explains: “Our designs are purposely uncomplicated. However, the proportions have to be right to make a simple design resonate. Through the choice of colour placement, many unique patterns emerge from a single tile design.” Simple, flexible and 100% customisable, architects and designers have full control to make their own Great Vertical Statement. Whether you choose to add wall tiles to an entire wall, or create an artful grouping, join us in going vertical. The possibilities are endless.

Visit our interactive Wall Tile page and play with the new designs.