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New colours and grades

28 March 2017

We have updated our collection and introduced ten new colours. At the same time, we introduce three new grades to meet the demand for higher quality grades.

Our new colours vary from browns to greys to a bold white. In the brown tones we added light, mid and dark colours. Valor is a light brown finish with a white oil, Heritage a mid-brown with a touch of grey. Both colours are also available in a brushed edition: Valor Texture and Heritage Texture. In the dark brown range Coco, a chocolate brown, and Spectrum, with an deep brushed finish, are new. The additions in grey are named Emmen, Forza and Dune. The grey is different in each finish. A blue-grey in the Emmen finish, a green-grey in Dune and a grey with a white oil in Forza. Finally, our new white: Ferrette. This strong colour is part of the Old World Collection, which means it is hand hewn with bold texture.

Have a look at our new colours.

Our new grades are Prime Rift, Prime Rift & Quartered and Select. Prime Rift and Prime Rift & Quartered are straight grain boards with very minimal character marks and knots. The linear grain and light colour variation provides a uniform appearance for which we see a high demand. Prime Rift, for example, has a maximum of only two pin knots per board. To bridge the gap between our very clean grades and Rustic grade, we created Select. Providing limited colour variation but retaining just enough natural characteristics for a relaxed look and feel, Select is a great addition to our offering.

Have a look at our new grades.