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There is a story behind every step - part 4

07 May 2018

Step 4: making the Duoplank

In our craft, every action has a deeper meaning. Each step in the process, from tree to flooring or wall tile, is well thought out. The fourth step consists of making the Duoplank. Per grade, the lamellae go to the next stop: the gluing.

A perfect fit

With glue, that has no added formaldehyde, we adhere the lamellae to a water-resistant multiply backer. And not just any multiply. As the inventor of Duoplank, we work only with plywood of the highest quality Baltic birch that has a perfect fit in terms of moisture content with our lamellae. The perfectly balanced combination of our well dried wood with our birch backer makes our base plank one of the most stable in the world. It is with this quality plank that we explore a world of unlimited creative finishes.