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There is a story behind every step - part 5

29 June 2018

Step 5: Finishing

In our craft, every action has a deeper meaning. Each step in the process, from tree to flooring or wall tile, is well thought out. In the fifth step, creativity meets technique. Both are equally important in finishing our boards with lasting and trendy colours and textures.

Our lab experts are chemists with creative insights and mechanical knowledge. What they enjoy most is experimenting, getting the most out of our wood and machines. With their specific combination of skills, they seek innovative processes to meet modern demands. They work closely with our technical staff. From the beginning, Hakwood took the desired result as the starting point, instead of accepting the output of the standard machines. This reverse thinking led to a self-built production line, pulling multiple components from different manufacturing industries. Combining or skipping stages in the line makes it possible to manufacture endless different colour and texture treatments.