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There is a story behind every step

09 November 2017

Step 1: sourcing materials

In our craft, every action has a deeper meaning. Each step in the process, from tree to flooring or wall tile, is well thought out. We work with a natural product that has beauty of its own. Our steps are focussed on enhancing the good looks and making sure that no to little material is redundant. It all begins with sourcing the best raw materials.

Only the best

Our quest is primarily targeted at European Oak. Wood that is characterized by a less prominent grain, neutral tan colour and raw, natural appearance. The trees mainly grow in Western and Eastern Europe. Starting in France, through Germany and into the Balkans; in this band of Europe we look for our wood. Because we only want the best, we are very critical in our quest. We source wood from trees that are at least 100 to 200 years old.

A world of wood

Beyond Europe we search for other wood species: warm American walnut, hearty blond ash and robust woods from giant South American trees. We explore the world in search of bold, beautiful and high-performance woods. The colours and characteristics available in nature never cease to amaze us.