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Visit the San Francisco Decorator Showcase

18 May 2018

The Hakwood flooring in the Decorator Showcase proved the perfect base for five very different rooms. As one of the designers, Gretchen Murdock from MODtage, puts it: “Hakwood’s European Oak has a beautiful, clean and modern aesthetic that works well to provide a backdrop to any space.”

Unique stamp

Each designer we worked with put a unique stamp on their room. Visiting the house is like reading a collection of short stories: each one has its own distinct atmosphere, but they’re still different pieces of the same puzzle. Lane McNab’s ‘transportative room’ is one of the spaces that connects the rooms: “I approached it not only as a pass-through but as a room that transports your mood through mixing elements--wood, earth, air and even the vine-like pendants--to give you an experience on its own as you move through it to your destination. I love the mix of lights and wallpaper and lighter wood on the walls with the gorgeous dark wood on the floors.”

Take it in

The San Francisco Decorator Showcase is open to visitors until May 28. If you are in the San Francisco area, we encourage you to visit and discover our flooring.

Address: 465 Marina Blvd., San Francisco, California 94123, USA

Website: www.decoratorshowcase.org