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Capsule Collection Ireland

Hakwood in over 60 countries

Family owned Dutch company Hakwood is a global leader in the design and ma­nufacture of high-end wood flooring and tiles. Our flooring adorns many of the most prestigious and inspiring interiors in residential, commercial, retail and hospitality projects. You can walk on a Hakwood floor in over sixty countries worldwide.

From the Netherlands to Ireland

We selected six inspiring colours for our Capsule Collection Ireland. Each one embodies the spirit of Ireland’s sweeping vistas, striking coastlines and tranquil lakes. Crafted from European oak, our long length, wide width planks are a perfect fit for every interior.

Engineered to perform

To provide stability, Hakwood engineers wood flooring using a European oak top layer adhered to a water-resistant plywood base. The balanced combination of our carefully sourced wood with our high quality birch backer makes our plank the right choice for every climate.