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Hakwood Complete

Care & Maintenance

A properly maintained wood floor can retain its beauty for decades. Understanding how to care for your floor is what Hakwood Complete brings. Together we add life to your floor.

Advice, maintenance as well as staff training are only the beginning of the service we offer. Together we assess your project goals to provide the customized plan you need.
- Pieter de Jong, Hakwood Complete

Clean & Care

Hakwood Complete’s branded line of quality cleaning and care products is available to help you protect your unique finish. Specially formulated for Hakwood, the Hakwood Complete products are the best match for our flooring.

Hakwood Complete CLEAN
Cleaning emulsion specially formulated for routine cleaning of wood floor finishes.
Available in 0.75 litre and 10 litre container.

Hakwood Complete OIL CARE
Provides care, maintenance and prolonged protection for oil finished wood floors.
Available in 0.75 litre and 5 litre container.

Hakwood Complete FINISH CARE
Improves the seal and appearance of the surface and extends the wear life of the floor.
Available in 0.75 litre container.


For more information about Hakwood Complete products and services please email info@hakwoodcomplete.com.