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Job openings at Hakwood

Working together with designers

Hakwood is a global leader in the design and ma­nufacture of top quality wood flooring and wall tiles. Working closely with architects and designers worldwide, Hakwood specializes in creating bespoke wood solutions. Our passion for excellence, innovation and service shows in each and every product we make.

Across 60 countries

A family owned Dutch company, Hakwood has 40 years of expertise manufacturing hardwood. The Hakwood brand offers an extensive portfolio of reference projects across 60 countries in all market sectors; residential, commercial, hospitality and retail. Hakwood Inc. has been based in Chicago since 2012.

Job openings

Contact us

If you have questions or want to send us your resume, please email:

- Anne-Marie Lokker at lokker.a@hakwood.com (Hakwood Corporate Headquarters, Netherlands)
- Alain Manniën at mannien.a@hakwood.com (Hakwood Inc. USA)