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May we introduce: Hakwood Floor Tiles

05 March 2019

By popular demand, Hakwood is now introducing Floor Tiles. Two years after launching Wall Tiles, Hakwood Tiles are available for floor AND wall. Using the same decorative designs and pattern possibilities, you can now design an extraordinary floor.

Two new designs

To our existing designs, we are adding two new ones: a cuboid and a Versaille-inspired tile. Of course, you can also develop a bespoke tile. It is technically possible to mix and match wood species, shapes, colours and textures into one pre-finished parquet tile. Hakwood’s innovative way of producing allows for great pattern statements.

Unique patterns

A renovated Dutch coach house is one of the first projects with Hakwood Tiles on the floor. In the kitchen area, the designer chose a tricolour tile –black, white, grey- for a 3D-effect cuboid pattern. In the adjacent living area, the tiles have a more subtle crisscross design.

Design your own tile

In a few steps, you can customize an existing tile or create a bespoke design. Add pops of colour from our broad range of finishes or create a bespoke colour exclusive to your project. In the final step, make your statement by rotating, flipping or mirroring your tile into a dramatic pattern. On our Tiles page, you can play with the Tile Designer and explore how the placement of colour and texture impacts the final pattern.