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Reclaimed Antique Oak

Touched by time

Unique look of aged wood

The beauty of antique wood fascinates and intrigues us. It is wood that is deepened and darkened naturally with time. Wood that cannot be copied because years, weather and nature do not use a blueprint. Wood that deserves a second life.

Standing strong

The story of our Reclaimed Antique Oak starts over 250 years ago, when the tree began to grow. Once felled, it was made into a structural beam for a barn, shed or home. Well over a century later, when the usefulness of the building has slowly faded away, the wood beam is far from its end.

Towards a new life

When turning this antique oak into flooring, working by hand is key to preserving the authenticity and character of the aged wood. Hand scraping the face of each plank, hand distressing the side edges, and carefully carrying out repairs, we slowly make it ready for a second life in your project.

Rhythm of nature

By blending different widths of flooring planks together, our reclaimed flooring echoes the natural rhythm of nature. Like the trees they are sourced from, our Reclaimed Antique Oak flooring is intended to be displayed in a random mix of multiple width planks.



Edge detail

Broken Edge (BE) or Rounded Edge (RE)

Sheen level

Matte or Polished


Plank or Herringbone


For your signature needs, bespoke products are available in collaboration with our development lab

Bespoke services

Reclaimed Antique Oak realised