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Boodle Hatfield

London, United Kingdom

Resonate Interior Architecture’s Pernille Stafford designed the London offices of Boodle Hatfield, one of the oldest and most respected UK law firms. The design lets the firm’s rich heritage shine through, while at the same time looking fresh and contemporary.

Opening up to the visitor

“The firm is housed in a long and narrow building”, says Stafford. “The reception area is located at the furthest end, so we installed a lightbox ceiling to create a light and spacious entrance. Then we designed the floor and ceiling to form a corridor, naturally leading visitors to the business lounge. This is separated from the surrounding meeting rooms by sliding partitions, which reveal the most magnificent views over the City. That way the spaces literally open up to the visitor.”

Rich heritage

Stafford does the firm’s rich heritage justice by incorporating traditional design features, such as embossed leather for the reception desk. “These features are always combined with more modern elements”, says Stafford. “The same is true for the flooring we chose; it’s a traditional herringbone pattern, but instead of a classic blonde or dark tone we chose a modern grey. This gives the overall design a very contemporary feel.”

Making clients feel looked after

Stafford’s team worked closely with Boodle Hatfield’s during the twelve-week design process. Stafford: “I presented the complete design to the entire staff three times. This encompassed everything from the artwork on the walls to the teacups and cutlery. It’s important to me that the design as a whole reflects the people who use it professionally. That means the building – like the people working there – makes visiting clients feel looked after.”

Products used
Flooring HV902, Bespoke
Grades Premier 1-bis
Finish Oil
Herringbone dimensions 15 x 142 x 710 mm (5/8" x 5 9/16" x 27 15/16")
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