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Home to office conversion


Architect Helene Hennie converted a stately 19th century Oslo mansion into a series of upscale offices. A flexible layout, separate entrances and a homey feel make it an instant economic and creative hotspot. Hennie’s only regret: not having moved in with her own firm.

Bags of character

“The whole building was in a terrible state”, says Hennie. “Some of the features were too far gone to salvage, others – like the fireplaces – just didn’t fit in. I saw a lot of potential though. It has flexible spaces, more than three meters under the ceiling and bags of character. I wanted to re-create that character, but using contemporary materials.”

Simple, clean lines and neutral colors accentuate the building’s understated elegance.

Modern interpretations

Hennie carefully selected modern interpretations of traditional materials, from the new fireplaces with their clean lines, to the Hakwood Colour Collection flooring. Hennie: “I like how the materials look authentic but not old-fashioned. They fit in with the classic architecture, yet they take the building into the 21st century.”

Apartment-like offices

Hennie designed the building’s interior with its future users in mind: “It’s an environment I would want to work in myself. The spaces feel more like apartments than offices, making them ideal galleries or showrooms for creative and design companies. If we hadn’t just redone our own offices, I’d move in in a heartbeat.”

Products used
Flooring HV465, Bespoke
Grades Rustic
Finish Oil
Thickness 20 mm (3/4")
Plank widths 240 mm (9 1/2")
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