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Roche HQ

Istanbul, Turkey

Pharmaceutical giant, Roche, was so enamored with the work done by Brazilian Moema Wertheimer for the company’s Sao Paolo headquarters, they engaged her for their Istanbul headquarters. Employing the same care and consideration, she designed the new building with a unique blend of local and international features.

Blending global and regional

“Roche is a global company, but their regional headquarters are very much rooted in the region”, says Wertheimer. “When I first started working for them ten years ago, I wanted these two elements to be represented in any design. This worked very well in Sao Paolo, so we choose the same approach in Istanbul.”

Capadocia rugs and Iznik tiles

Wertheimer interviewed employees, organised workshops and worked closely with Roche’s CEO to make sure the entire company felt involved. “I asked employees what, to them, represents Turkish culture and design. That’s how white marble floors, Capadocia rugs and Iznik tiles found their way into the design.”

Roche invest heavily in R&D, so they understand the value of original designs and materials.


When it comes to the materials that aren’t sourced locally, Roche was uncompromising. Wertheimer: “They don’t do generic. If the budget doesn’t stretch to ten of the desired chairs, they settle for five, not for cheaper chairs. The same was true for the Hakwood samples I brought from Brazil. The combination of quality, colour and pattern just couldn’t be matched, so they went for it.”

Products used
Flooring Noble, Authentic Collection
Grades Classical
Finish Oil
Thickness 15 mm (5/8")
Plank widths 180 mm (7")
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