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Casa Cor I

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

For the leading Casa Cor interior and architecture show in Rio de Janeiro, Paloma Yamagata’s team designed a house-in-a-box: a large open space the size of a 2-bedroom apartment, complete with everything a house offers – including a garage and garden. Yamagata’s concept: the ingenious use of the contrast between exposed, industrial installations, and lush materials and furniture.

In residential projects, it’s essential to truly understand your client. Only then will the design reflect its owner’s character.


“The only enclosed space was a luxurious suite inside a basic container”, says Yamagata, who worked on the design with her partner Bruno Rangel. “It was like a box-in-a-box, reinforcing the industrial/luxury contrast. The container doubled as the separation between the entrance hall and the garage. Every area was divided from the others by a different architectural solution.”

Creating contrast

Yamagata chose a sober colour palette, in order to emphasise the contrasting materials and textures. Yamagata: “We used different grey-tones and concrete on parts of the floor, walls and ceiling, with the central container being military green: very utilitarian. Some accessories provided splashes of colour throughout, as another way to create contrast.”

I believe a design should be timeless, but it must also convey a sense of personality.

Concrete and wood

To Yamagata, one of the showstoppers was the space’s floor. “The wood flooring connected the social and private areas of the house. The combination of a noble wood species like oak and basic concrete and was fundamental to the concept. It got us really excited about the quality of the Hakwood product; the first thing we did after the show was to specify it for a new project in Sao Paolo.”

Products used
Flooring Pure, Authentic Collection
Grades Rustic
Finish Oil
Thickness 15 mm (5/8")
Plank widths 180 mm (7")
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