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Naramata Cabin

Lake Okanagan, Canada

On the Lake Okanagan waterfront, Robert Bailey built a comfortable, family summer home that draws on the traditional cabin style. His form follows function approach resulted in a design of great rugged beauty.

Modern and approachable sums up my way of working. The aesthetics grow out of that.

Maximizing the livable area

“My clients owned the original property on the same plot for over eight years”, says Bailey. “It was a warm, traditional two-bedroom cottage that they loved to share with friends. My brief was to recreate that cabin atmosphere in a larger, new home that maximized the livable area. The design is very casual, with both spaces that open up into the yard and more confined spaces where one can be away from everyone.”

Sandy feet

Bailey designed the house ‘from the inside out’ as he puts it; starting from the activities in and around the house: “A cabin is a less precious environment, so I used pre-distressed Hakwood flooring on the floor and ceiling. It creates that cabin look and it’s rugged; in a summer home, you don’t want to worry about walking in with sandy feet.”

I love taking a client’s spatial ideas and then putting the puzzle together.

Uncomplicated palette

Bailey: “I like to work with an uncomplicated, small material palette, using the same colours inside and outside. The greys and the warmer notes are tied to the colours of the area, which makes the whole design very site-specific. That indoor/outdoor feel is what a summer home is all about.”

Products used
Flooring Provence, Aged
Grades Classical
Finish Oil
Thickness 20 mm (3/4")
Plank widths 180 mm (7")
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