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Private Residence Aspen

Aspen, United States

A close-knit, very involved family in Mexico, a North Carolina based colleague, and a brief to modernize a traditional Aspen mountain home; rowland + broughton’s Bryan May was bridging gaps for this assignment. It resulted in a vacation home so well-liked, one family member or another is there year-round.

Cleaning up the palette

“The house was a very traditional Aspen mountain home typical of its time”, says May. “It was a generic ‘broker beige’ interior with seven or eight species of finished woods. The family wanted us to clean up the palette, without losing the charm and warmth. We toned down the color scheme by choosing one beautiful wood for the flooring and combining that with a complementary stain color throughout the home, and white plastered walls.”

“It is easy to begin a project with a pre-ordained style. However, we pride ourselves on a different approach; working with the owner in an organic and highly tailored design process is ultimately much more compelling and yields greater success.”

Great perspectives

From the very beginning, the owners brought some great perspectives to the process says May: “The home belongs to a large family from Mexico and two generations were heavily involved in the entire design process. We walked them through every material and every design choice, mostly over the phone. Bringing that all together – with an interior designer, Bossard Design, based out of North Carolina – was a rigorous process and ultimately very gratifying.”

“The benefit of having a great range of colours and wood types from one supplier is simple: we easily found the perfect colour to complement our preferred palette.”

Understanding the family dynamic

Parts of the home were specifically tailored to the wishes of different family members, such as the media room and the bunk room. May: “It took a deep understanding of the family dynamic to create an easy transition, within the home, between the different family units. The proof of our success: different members of the family are staying in the home year-round since completion.”

Products used
Flooring Haven, Retired
Grades Rustic
Finish Oil
Thickness 15 mm (5/8")
Plank widths 180 mm (7")
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