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Designed by Bob Manders Oisterwijk, The Netherlands

Private Residence Emmeloord

Emmeloord, The Netherlands

In the vast agricultural area of the Dutch Flevopolder, architect Bob Manders created a private residence that pushes the limits of what’s possible in construction. For the interior design, Manders chose a smart combination of industrial lines and natural features.

Clean lines

Manders wanted the exterior of this home to have the cleanest lines possible: “I worked with concrete and six by three meter glass facades – the maximum size. All the frames are hidden in the construction, so what you see is a very pure combination of the two surfaces. The razor straight lines in concrete and glass contrast sharply with the roughness of the plowed earth in the surrounding fields.”

Sheltered outside spaces

For a smooth transition between outside and inside, Manders created patios on three sides of the building. “Each patio offers a sheltered outside space that frames a different view of the surroundings. Together with the large glass surfaces they really take the outdoors indoor.”

Original materials

The interior design contrasts the sharp industrial lines of the structure with more naturally inspired features. “I love my materials to give away their origins”, says Manders. “So I chose different widths of wood flooring that proudly display their saw marks, shaking up the rigid line pattern. That way, the strict architecture becomes a framework for a dynamic, lively design.”

Products used
Flooring Colour Collection
Grades Natural
Finish Oil
Thickness 20 mm (3/4")
Plank widths 142, 180, 240 mm (5 9/16", 7", 9 1/2")
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