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SF Decorator Showcase 2018

San Francisco, United States

Designed by

Jeff Schlarb Interior Design
MODtage Design
September Studio
Lane McNab Interiors

For the San Francisco Decorator Showcase House, the West Coast’s premier design showhouse, multiple designers took on one room. Five of them used a Hakwood floor as the basis and put a unique stamp on the room. Visiting the house is like reading a collection of short stories: each one has its own distinct atmosphere, but they’re still different pieces of the same puzzle.

Rad elegance

Jeff Schlarb describes his firm’s style as ‘rad elegance’, which shows in the room they designed. “We love rich interior architectural details, patterns, fabrics and prints, but we aim to keep moving design along by peppering in surprises through materials and form.” Movement is also the defining characteristic of Lane McNab’s ‘transportative room’: “I approached it not only as a pass-through but as a room that transports your mood through mixing elements--wood, earth, air and even the vine-like pendants--to give you an experience on its own as you move through it to your destination.”

Daily escape

For the house’s screening room, DLC-ID tapped into their inner child for inspiration. “We recalled our favorite pillowed fortresses and bed linen tents we made where we could hide and read, listen to our headphones, daydream. Our modern screening room recreates a grown-up version of that kind of daily escape, but fashioned with richly embroidered linen tented walls, plush Moroccan rugs, deep tufted velvet sofas and ottomans luxe enough to capture the attention of any Wanderlust.”

Small rooms & grand gestures

MODtage deliberately chose a smaller space in the house: “We wanted to maintain our vintage and modern aesthetic and we loved the idea of transforming a small space into something beautiful and peaceful, a place of refuge.” September Studio on the other hand went for a grand gesture: “I’ve thought lot about how myself and others can make a positive impact in life. To feel more connected with nature and contribute to the well-being of the erth. I focused on incorporating natural, sustainable materials and handmade furniture and objects. It’s encouraging to work with vendors like Hakwood that put so much time and thought into developing quality products created to last.”

Products used
Flooring Dune, Retired
Grades Natural
Finish Oil
Thickness 15 mm (5/8")
Plank widths 180 mm (7")
Flooring Glaze, Colour Collection
Grades Premier 1-bis
Finish Oil
Thickness 15 mm (5/8")
Plank widths 180 mm (7")
Flooring Valor, Authentic Collection
Grades Premier 1-bis
Finish Oil
Thickness 15 mm (5/8")
Plank widths 180 mm (7")
Flooring Absolute, Retired
Grades Mixed
Finish Oil
Thickness 18,5 mm
Flooring Locke, Colour Collection
Grades Premier 1-bis
Finish DuoVarnish
Thickness 15 mm (5/8")
Plank widths 180 mm (7")
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