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Artefacto Showroom

Curitiba, Brazil

For this showroom design, architect Juliana Meda drew inspiration from the award-winning movie Como água para chocolate.

Like a gourmet

Preparing food as an act of love is a central theme in Alonso Arau’s masterpiece. “It’s a hot, lively and intense film that shows how food and feelings are intertwined”, says Meda. “I handled the design like a gourmet, with the way of thinking, creating and working with my clients as my main ingredients.”

Daylight and modernity

Striking features of the space include large glass facades and an abundant use of ferns. Meda: “Lots of daylight, modernity and integration with nature are key elements in our designs that I wanted to showcase. I think it adds up to an easy to live in, functional design. Every space has a certain cosiness, emphasised by the warmth of the Hakwood floor.”

Being together

Right underneath a curved glass and wood façade is a large marble counter; the design’s centrepiece: “It’s carved and faceted like a brilliant”, says Meda. “This is the place for people to meet, to eat together and to hang out. To me it symbolises the importance of intimacy, of being together.”

Products used
Flooring Heritage, Authentic Collection
Grades Select
Finish Oil
Thickness 15 mm (5/8")
Plank widths 180 mm (7")
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