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Designer Gerald Kessler Mittersill, Autriche

Alpenrose Chalet

Ramsau, Autriche

Drawing inspiration from the powerful nature and rural traditions of the Austrian Alps, Gerald Kessler designed the complete renovation of the Alpenrose Chalet vacation home. By raising the roof and applying innovative thermal solutions, he created a spacious and modern take on the alpine design.

Alpine traditions

Ramsau is stretched out between the sycamore trees of a wonderfully silent alpine valley, right next to some of the best skiing locations in Europe. “We raised the roof one meter and created two dormers: one provides a view of the adjacent Dachstein glacier, the other looks out over the Schladming Planai”, says Kessler. “Their stunning natural beauty and the authentic rural traditions of the valley left their mark on the design.”

I don’t want to design the next sterile hotel room; this design is something special, something that belongs to the valley.

Natural materials

Kessler: “In these surroundings, the materials had to have an honest, crafted feel to them. Much was sourced locally. The furniture is white fir, the duvets are made of organic wool. The rough surface structure of the Hakwood flooring is a perfect match for these natural materials. It lends the whole design a certain timelessness and depth.”

My vision: to create harmonic room sequences – with materials that make them comfortable and homely to live in.

Maximizing the livable area

Natural materials aren’t the only thing ‘green’ about the design. Kessler: “The home uses its new concrete façade for thermal activation. We used numerous other sustainable solutions; the chalet sets new standards in terms of energy saving. To me, that’s the ultimate tribute to the valley’s natural beauty.”

Produits utilisés
Parquet Chiaro, Retired
Qualités Classical
Finition Huilée
Épaisseur 20 mm (3/4")
Largeurs de lame 240 mm (9 1/2")
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