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Considered the birthplace of the United States, Philadelphia has long been a place where fortune favors the bold. Our country’s architects dared to be different and now, the design of W Philadelphia embodies that same drive, grit and irreverence that sparked a revolution. With the iconic “W” sign glowing atop the 51-story skyscraper, W Philadelphia reshapes the city skyline as it also liberates traditional definitions of luxury. Inspired by the city’s street art, music legacy and historical architecture - including its famed city grid (the first in the country) - decor and design elements contextualize local culture and history for today’s global traveler.

W Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Forente stater

Benyttede produkter
Flooring Bespoke
Tykkelse 15, 15 mm (5/8", 5/8")
Herringbone dimensions 180 mm (7")
Herringbone grades Classical
Flooring Fossil
Tykkelse 20 mm (3/4")
Herringbone dimensions 180 mm (7")
Herringbone grades Natural
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