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What is Hakwood?

Hakwood is a manufacturer of high-end hardwood flooring solutions, offering a wide range of products and custom solutions for residential, commercial, hospitality, yachting, and retail spaces.

Where is Hakwood located?

Hakwood is located in the Netherlands.

What types of hardwood products does Hakwood offer?

Hakwood offers a wide range of engineered hardwood solutions like luxury wood flooring, stair treads, parquet tiles, and maintenance products.

Does Hakwood offer custom solutions for flooring projects?

Yes, Hakwood offers custom solutions for flooring projects. We have our own workroom for tailor made wood solutions and in-house R&D Lab for bespoke colors.

How can I purchase Hakwood products?

You can purchase Hakwood products through Hakwood directly or through our official Hakwood dealers. Check our Contact page to see who your local go-to consultant is.

How can I contact Hakwood for more information or support?

Check our Contact page to see who your local go-to consultant is. Contact one of our offices or fill in your country and we'll give you the contact details of your local Hakwood consultant.


Does Hakwood offer a variety of color options for their hardwood flooring?

Yes, we offer a wide range color options for our wood flooring, including 3,000+ bespoke colors.

Can I request a custom color for my hardwood flooring?

Yes, we offer custom color options for your hardwood flooring, so you can create a unique look for your space. Our consultants are happy to discuss your design plans.

Are the colors on the Hakwood website an accurate representation of the actual colors?

We strive to accurately represent our colors on the website, but please keep in mind that the colors may appear differently on different devices and in different lighting conditions.

Can I see samples of the hardwood flooring colors before making a purchase?

Yes, we offer samples of our hardwood flooring colors, so you can see and touch the actual product before making a purchase. Samples can be requested at each product page under Products > Engineered Wood Flooring > Signature Collection or Lite Collection.


What hardwood species does Hakwood offer?

We’re ruthless in materials selection, allowing only the absolute best European Oak & Ash through our workroom doors.

What is the difference between European Oak and European Ash hardwood flooring?

Both Ash and Oak will create beautiful, resilient and durable floors. The primary difference in these hardwoods is their appearance – which means the choice between Ash wood vs. Oak wood floors is simply a matter of taste. If you’re looking for a natural floor with lighter, more neutral hues, Ash may be the best wood for you. If you want a floor with more warmth and color, Oak is your go-to wood. And if you’re looking for a floor with less prominent grain that can complement any design scheme, Oak is an excellent candidate.

Which is more durable, European Oak or European Ash hardwood flooring?

Both European Oak and European Ash are durable hardwoods, but European Oak is generally considered to be the more durable of the two. Any of these woods can handle a fair amount of foot traffic and offer a good amount of resistance to scratches and dents.

Which wood species is more suitable for a traditional or rustic look?

European Oak is often used for a traditional or rustic look, due to its rich, warm color and distinctive grain pattern.

Can I request a custom finish for my European Oak or European Ash hardwood flooring?

Yes, Hakwood offers custom finishes for both European Oak and European Ash hardwood flooring, so you can create a unique look for your space.

Does Hakwood use sustainable materials for wood flooring products?

Our products are constructed to endure and remain beautiful & functional for future generations. We are proud to meet rigorous sustainability standards, including certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). Hakwood flooring solutions are designed to meet the standards of both LEED and BREEAM certification and actively support these programs.

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