Elevate your space with our handcrafted accessories - all carefully designed and available in the exact color of your Hakwood flooring for a perfect match.

Hakwood Accessories: air vents and skirtings
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Custom Accessories

At Hakwood, we understand the importance of harmonizing every element within a space. Our accessories are carefully designed and available in the exact color of your Hakwood flooring, ensuring a perfect match in both color and texture.

Each piece is crafted with attention to detail to complement your style, ensuring it fits perfectly into your unique design. At Hakwood, we're not just making products; we're creating pieces that go beyond the ordinary, providing you with the tools to transform spaces into something truly special.

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Hakwood Accessories - Air vent

Air vent

Introducing our air vent - a blend of modern design and efficient functionality. Crafted to optimize air circulation and ventilation, this sleek and unobtrusive vent seamlessly integrates into any space, providing comfort while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic.

Air vent with frame

Experience the perfect synergy of form and function with our air vent featuring a carefully designed frame. This refined frame not only enhances its appearance but also ensures seamless integration into your space. Enjoy superior airflow and a polished look with our air vent and its complementing frame.

Hakwood Accessories - Air vent with frame
Hakwood Accessories - Skirting


Introducing our skirting, a finishing touch that brings elegance and sophistication to your interior design. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our skirting seamlessly conceals gaps and adds a sleek, polished look to the junction between walls and floors. Elevate your space with our range of skirting options, designed to complement any style and enhance the overall aesthetic of your home.

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You'll be delighted to know that nearly all our stunning flooring colors can be used to create exquisite flooring accessories.


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