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At Hakwood, craftsmanship, solidarity, innovation, and solution-oriented approach are key. We work together to tackle challenges and are always willing to learn new skills and apply innovative practices. At Hakwood, we encourage a healthy and energetic lifestyle, so you can perform at your best. By joining our team of motivated employees, you will experience the satisfaction of working in a team driven by these core values!

Would you like to join us and strengthen our team? We look forward to meeting you!

Jobs at Hakwood

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A Dutch family business since 1979. The company was founded by the entrepreneurial Hak family. Our company is now led by Mark and Robert Hak and has grown into a global leader in designing and manufacturing luxury European Oak and Ash floors.

Hakwood Mark & Robert Hak
A Dutch family business since 1979

Hakwood is an international, originally Dutch family company with 115 employees located in Werkendam and a salesoffice in the US. There is a pleasant, informal, and loyal atmosphere within the company. We deliver high-quality floors worldwide to various customers in over 60 countries. We take pride in our innovative designs, technical expertise, and environmentally friendly approach to creation.

International Headquarters
+31 183 504 266

U.S. Sales Office
+1 630 219 3388