Wood Finish Types

Discover the perfect finish for your wooden floor.

Our Finish Types

Explore the ideal finish for your wood floors from our comprehensive range of options, including UV Oil, DuoVarnish, Ultramatte Lacquer, and UV Lacquer, each tailored to enhance beauty and durability.

Hakwood UV Oil

UV Oil

Experience the most authentic look and feel of natural wood with our UV Oil finish. This finish enhances the wood's natural beauty while providing a warm and inviting appearance.

Ultramatte Lacquer

Achieve a sleek, modern look with our Ultramatte Lacquer finish. This ultra-matte finish provides a sophisticated and contemporary appearance. It offers excellent protection against wear and tear, ensuring your floors remain pristine.

Hakwood Ultramatte Lacquer
DuoVarnish project - Aura


Our DuoVarnish finish offers the perfect blend of durability and aesthetic appeal. This hybrid finish combines the best features of oil and varnish, making it suitable for high-traffic areas like hallways and commercial spaces. With its strong protective layer, DuoVarnish ensures long-lasting beauty and protection.

UV Lacquer

Our UV Lacquer finish delivers exceptional protection with its thick, durable layer. This finish is highly resistant to water and chemical spots, making it ideal for areas prone to spills and stains. Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and commercial settings, UV Lacquer offers superior durability and easy maintenance.

UV Lacquer project - Valor

Finish types in comparison

Benefits and features​​​UV OilDuoVarnishUltramatte LacquerUV Lacquer
Most authentic look and feel of the wood​•••••••
Most color options•••••••••
Suitable finish types for high traffic areas in combination with the correct required maintenance•••••••••••
Easiest spot repair•••••
Strong protective layer on top of the wood​•••••••••••
Thicker protective layer on top of the wood•••••••••
Floor walkable directly after installation, so no long drying times compared to on-site applied finishes••••••••••••
Water and chemical spotresistance•••••••••
Water-based, natural oil-based orchemically-based materialsNatural oil-basedWater-based and Natural oil-basedWater-basedChemically-based
Standard gloss level range in Gloss Units (GU)
​- Matte <10 GU
​- Semi Gloss 10-70 GU
​- High Gloss >70 GU
​Other gloss levels only possible with bespoke products.
7 - 12 GU5 - 7 GU3 - 5 GU7 - 15 GU
Advised cleaning productHakwood CleanHakwood CleanHakwood CleanHakwood Clean
Advised maintenance productHakwood Oil CareHakwood Oil CareHakwood Finish CareHakwood Finish Care

Selecting a finish

When to choose each finish? Selecting the right finish for your wood floors is crucial for both aesthetics and durability. Here's a guide to help you decide.

UV Oil: Opt for UV Oil if you love the natural beauty of wood and are willing to invest in regular maintenance. It's perfect for living rooms and bedrooms where a warm, authentic look is desired, especially suited for residential spaces. The advised cleaning product is Hakwood Clean and for maintenance Hakwood Oil Care.

DuoVarnish: Choose DuoVarnish for high-traffic areas like hallways and offices. Its hybrid nature offers a balance of durability and elegance, making it a versatile choice for busy spaces, particularly suitable for commercial spaces. The advised cleaning product is Hakwood Clean and for maintenance Hakwood Oil Care.

Ultramatte Lacquer: Choose Ultramatte Lacquer for its stylish look and robust protection, ideal for high-traffic areas, particularly suitable for commercial spaces. The advised cleaning product is Hakwood Clean and for maintenance Hakwood Finish Care.

UV Lacquer: Select UV Lacquer for maximum protection and minimal upkeep, particularly suitable for residential spaces exposed to frequent spills and stains, such as kitchens and bathrooms and for commercial and retail settings. The advised cleaning product is Hakwood Clean and for maintenance Hakwood Finish Care.

Selecting a finish

Our Colors

In our color selection, you can see which finishes are available for each color. We offer over 60 standard colors and more than 4,000 bespoke colors. Explore our collection and choose your favorite shade. Would you like to see a color up close? Request a sample and experience the unmatched quality of our European Oak or European Ash.

Care & Maintenance

With Hakwood Complete, we’ve created a range of clean, high-quality products for your floor’s unique surface and finish. With these products, you have everything you need to make routine cleaning and maintenance a breeze and enjoy pristine hardwood flooring for years to come.

Need help?

Need help?

At Hakwood, our consultants are here to assist you in choosing the ideal finish for your project.

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