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From a family business in the Netherlands to a global leader: Hakwood's journey to becoming the premier manufacturer of premium wood flooring spans over 40 years.

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Introduction to Hakwood

Hakwood is a Dutch family business that has been in operation since 1979. It is built around the enterprising Hak-family, with each generation bringing their unique skills and commitment to the company.

Our business is now led by Mark and Robert Hak and has evolved into a global design leader in the design and manufacturing of luxury wood flooring, made in the Netherlands.

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Made in the Netherlands

Our wood flooring solutions are exclusively designed and produced in-house in the Netherlands by our in-house R&D team and the best craftspeople in the industry.

Hakwood's unique advantage lies in the ability to blend traditional hand-made techniques with cutting-edge hightech machinery, resulting in a perfect combination of craftsmanship and precision. The production process is sophisticated and includes up to 17 quality inspections to ensure the highest standards.

European Oak & Ash

At Hakwood, we value the natural qualities of wood, such as warmth, richness, diversity, and strength. We source only the best European Oak & Ash for our products.

We pay attention to even the smallest details to bring out the best in the wood, knowing that every choice must be made with care.

European Oak forest
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All the time necessary

Before the wood enters our production process, we let it rest. Up to six months we let it dry naturally in the fresh air of the Netherlands.

When the tolerance of the moisture content is within the tight range we require, the wood enters our meticulously optimized program in the kiln. We take great care to make sure the wood releases its moisture without tension, as we believe that wood that starts at rest, prefers to stay at rest.

Proud inventor of DuoPlank®

We are also proud to be the inventor of DuoPlank®, a process of combining an expertly climate-controlled, air-dried hardwood layer with high-grade, water-resistant birch plywood. The resulting product is a superior, balanced, and dimensionally stable flooring solution that combines the look and feel of a solid wood floor with the stability and installation flexibility of an engineered floor.

DuoPlank® enables to install Hakwood flooring in places and under conditions where solid flooring is not an option. Our planks are designed to reduce movement in your flooring, no matter the season.


Customize your designs

At Hakwood, we believe that the inspiration of interior designers and architects is limitless, and that's why we enjoy collaborating with creative professionals. Whether you have a clear vision or simply a spark of inspiration, we are here to help bring your ideas to life.

With our extensive collection of over 3,700 bespoke finishes, the sky's the limit when you combine the natural beauty of wood with our design and manufacturing expertise. We are dedicated to creating the perfect wood flooring to match your unique design intent.


Architects & Designers


Are you an architect, interior designer, developer, contractor, or high-end builder looking for luxury wood flooring for your clients? Look no further.

Hakwood has over 40 years of experience in the industry and offers expert consultation, a wide range of colors, patterns, textures, and plank dimensions to meet the demands of your discerning clients.

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Do you want to give your clients a unique, personalized touch in their design?

Our range of wood flooring options sets us apart in the high-end wood flooring industry. We understand the importance of individuality and offer custom solutions to ensure your and your clients' visions are realized. Hakwood's luxury wood flooring will elevate the aesthetic of any space, making it stand out.

At Hakwood, your clients' satisfaction is our top priority.

We work closely with professionals from around the world to provide creative, inspired solutions that exceed expectations. Choosing Hakwood as your preferred wood flooring supplier means choosing exceptional quality, customization, sustainability, and happy clients.

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001 SAVOY - Private Residence - Vancouver BC Canada

See for yourself by requesting samples of our flooring.

Get a closer look at the unmatched quality and color and discuss options with your clients to find the perfect match for your project. Trust Hakwood to bring your design vision to life.

A better world


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At Hakwood, we are committed to sustainability and to preserving the environment for future generations.

Our products are constructed to endure and remain beautiful & functional for future generations.

We are proud to meet rigorous sustainability standards, including certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). Hakwood flooring solutions are designed to meet the standards of both LEED and BREEAM certification and actively support these programs.

Our products are made from responsibly sourced materials, and we are constantly working to reduce our environmental impact.

In addition, we use low emitting materials in all of our products to ensure the health and safety of our customers and the environment.

To further our commitment to sustainability, Hakwood has its own water treatment plant for the stain residue and cleaning water when staining, ensuring that we minimize the impact on the environment.


We take a proactive approach to reducing our carbon footprint in our daily operations.

In true Dutch fashion, we utilize bikes for transportation between our factory halls. It's just one more (fun) way we embody the sustainable spirit.

We believe that sustainability and quality can go hand-in-hand, and we are dedicated to providing our customers with beautiful and durable products that are also environmentally friendly.

Whether you're building a new home, renovating an existing one, or simply looking for ways to live more sustainably, Hakwood has a wide range of products to meet your needs.

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