From lumber to luxury wood flooring

We blend traditional hand-made techniques with cutting-edge hightech machinery, resulting in a perfect combination of craftsmanship and precision.

001 Drying Process

The ideal moisture content

Before the wood enters our production process, we let it rest. Up to six months we let it dry naturally in the fresh air of the Netherlands.

When the tolerance of the moisture content is within the tight range we require, the wood enters our meticulously optimized drying program. We take great care to make sure the wood releases its moisture without tension.

The climate control process includes air drying, kiln drying and conditioning, meaning each board is of relative tolerance. Having your planks at similar moisture levels is of the utmost importance, especially during seasonal changes and variances in humidity.

Selecting the grades

Once the wood has rested sufficiently and has the ideal moisture content, it can now begin its journey to become your wood planks.

The frame saw is the first test. Because the wood has been dried so calmly, perfectly straight lamellae roll from the machine. Our experts meticulously examine each lamella to assess its grade.

With a vast selection of grades available, this step demands a trained eye and complete focus. For optimal results, they turn over the lamella for a second inspection. The aim is to ensure that the best-looking side is visible when placed on the plywood.

Lamellen zagen
Our process - lamineren1

Laminating the plywood & hardwood

For each grade, the lamellae move on to the next step: gluing.

Using formaldehyde-free glue, we secure the lamellae to a water-resistant Baltic birch plywood backer. DuoPlank® is now a reality. As the inventor of DuoPlank®, we only use the finest quality Baltic birch plywood that has a perfectly balanced moisture content with our lamellae.

The combination of our dried hardwood and birch plywood creates a base plank that is one of the most stable in the world.

Your desired finish

Our finishing line is where creativity meets technique. From the beginning, Hakwood took the desired result as the starting point, instead of accepting the output of the standard machines. This reverse thinking led to a self-built production line, pulling multiple components from different manufacturing industries.

Now the sophisticated line has grown to over 45 metres. By combining or skipping stages in the production line, a multitude of color and texture options can be created, such as finely sawn, hand-hewn, and burning. Whatever your project needs.


Check, check, double-check

During the production process quality control is of the utmost importance. Each board passes up to 17 quality checks before leaving the factory. Because your projects deserve the best.

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