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Collection by Kelly Hoppen

Statement Living NEW
Hakwood collection by Kelly Hoppen

OVD525, Cape Town, South Africa

Vivaldi, Sierra Collection Project

Leolux Photoshoot

Dawn, Ash Collection Project
Hakwood Leolux_ Photoshoot_DAWN_3LWEB

Kelly Hoppen Collection

Grid Vibrant NEW
Grid Vibrant - Kelly Hoppen Collection

Midtown Athletic Club & Hotel, Chicago, United States

Forza, Sierra Collection Project

Perse School

Savoy, Sierra Collection Project
PAC5 credit Philip Vile

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Each project has its own story. Explore the photos and read what some of the creative professionals who work with Hakwood have to say about their design.


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Working closely with architects and designers worldwide, Hakwood specializes in creating bespoke wood solutions. Our passion for excellence, innovation and service shows in every product we make.

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Our collection of European oak and European ash Duoplank flooring combines the beauty of wood with Hakwood’s design and manufacturing expertise.