Cakebread Winery

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BCV Architecture
023 DESTIN - Cakebread Winery - Rutherford USA

Cakebread Winery

One of Napa Valley’s most renowned wineries, Cakebread Cellars is known for its world-class setting and wines, culinary events and welcoming hospitality. Working with multiple generations of the Cakebread family, BCV Architecture + Interiors designed an expansion that enhances the winery’s hospitality offering as well as its production capacity. The projects builds upon Cakebread's signature architectural vocabulary while creating new ways to celebrate its rich history.

The reception hall creates a warm and inviting entry, while an adjacent retail lounge offers wine and winery merchandise in custom casework. Barrel stave light fixtures designed by BCV and fabricated by Berland Design hang above the reception and retail areas. Nine new tasting rooms were designed to deliver immersive experiences for guests, from views into active production areas to intimate indoor/outdoor settings. ​ Each tasting room offers a unique view from harvest to fermentation to bottling, creating the ideal setting for wine education and tasting.

Facts & figures
Flooring Destin
Category Commercial
Pattern Plank
Color tone Medium
Plank widths 180 mm (7")
Grades Premier 1-bis
Finish Oil
Location Rutherford, California, United States
Design by BCV Architecture
026 DESTIN - Cakebread Winery - Rutherford USA
036 DESTIN - Cakebread Winery - Rutherford USA
037 DESTIN - Cakebread Winery - Rutherford USA
029 DESTIN - Cakebread Winery - Rutherford USA
030 DESTIN - Cakebread Winery - Rutherford USA

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